We believe that at the heart of true leadership is the responsibility to create the world you believe in and hope to see.  At the Core Coaching Institute (CCI), we aim to do just that.

Coaching is the 2nd fastest growing industry in the world, and there is little surprise as to why.  We live in a fast paced and rapidly changing world that is increasingly connected.  What this means is that when the people of this world want change and growth, they are eager and willing to take the steps to achieve that.  They want the resources and value that coaching provides.  While coaching is still a new frontier, we are dedicated to leading a school that produces the highest calibre of professional coaches.

We want to create a new generation of coaches that possess the ability to lead clients to powerful results while themselves embodying the success that coaches typically want for their clients. We believe that true mastery goes beyond great coaching skill and requires that coaches embody in themselves the same results that they work to see realized in their clients. From this ideal, the Core Coaching Institute was born.

Woven throughout each of the Core Coaching Institute’s programs is the Core-Self coaching methodology. This methodology began its evolution through the work of its co-founders spanning back over a decade, bringing together the best that behavioural science, psychology and neuroscience have to offer as well as the highest caliber of business acumen.

At CCI you get training and mastery that helps you realize powerful and lasting results for yourself and those that you coach. Our leadership method empowers leaders to step into their best selves and inspire others to convert a vision, a mission, a plan and a goal into reality.

We value and live by the idea that anything is possible! Each of us is capable of creating a truly incredible life and this can be realized when the ever resourceful person is living a life that is an expression of their Core Self.

Anything is possible — What do you want to create today?

What is the Core-Self Coaching Methodology?

Our methodology is based on the idea that when people are truly at their best, there isn’t much they can’t do. We’ve all experienced those times when we are able to rise to any challenge or circumstance and create or access near infinite resources, from within ourselves or around us. Most performance related issues stem back to some internal mindset or problem that is either slowing us down or stopping us completely.

The Core-Self Coaching Methodology takes a scientific and experiential approach at guiding people to powerfully learn and adapt, taking charge of their programming and creating powerful results towards their goals. Our methodology is drawn on the best that science and training has to offer, all with the single aim of guiding people to unlock themselves.

Our Leadership

Co-Founder Julian Bolster

Julian-BolsterJulian Bolster has been recognized as a leader in business & leadership development. He’s been featured on BBC World News, Slice TV, and CEOWorld, and works with leaders, politicians and celebrities around the world. A remarkable speaker and author, he’s co-authored alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard (The One-Minute Manager) and is a globally recognized master of coaching, leadership and business success. A successful serial-entrepreneur, Julian is a pioneer in the field of coaching and attaining breakthrough results.

Co-Founder Francesco Ientile

Francesco-IentileFrancesco Ientile has delivered value around the world, from mentoring and coaching hundreds of global ‘emerging’ leaders to training top speakers to deliver leadership topics among the top ten Fortune 100 companies. In the corporate world he’s been a leader in generating results, with 20 years of mastery in developing people and businesses to grow into their full potential. His personal and unique approach draws from his vast corporate experience across the board, helping his clients become masterful in the areas of their lives that drive their best success.



An Epiphany in Success

Through profound personal experiences, each of our founders realize that success isn’t an outcome, it’s a mindset. True power comes from creating the life you want to live. And leadership allows us to stand not only for an idea, but for others.

Our Leadership Training Goes International

Participation in leading and training leaders throughout Europe, South Africa, North America and Asia.

Great Leaders Are More Than Just Leaders

Professional self-development training begins; after years of extensive leadership training and business success we find that leadership training focused just on leadership is not enough to produce great leaders.

Combine Leadership Training with Self Development

Bringing two worlds together. Empowering Leaders from within through the combination of insightful self development with impactful neuroscience. An inspired leader is an impactful leader. Leadership from a dysfunctional core or self just doesn’t work. “In order to inspire leadership in others you have to inspire greatness within yourself.”!

Research into Coaching Industry

Research and participation in the best coaching schools in the world lead to the identification of opportunities to create something much better. Effective coaching comes not from skill alone but from Mastery and personal success.

Core-Self Coaching Method Made Public

Culminating from years of professional success in coaching, leadership, small & big business and personal success, we launch the codified course of the Core-Self Coaching Methodology.

Core Coaching Institute Goes Global

We take the CSCC certification and the Core Coaching Institute outside of North America. We aim to create a new brand of coaches and leaders who not only experience personal success, but use the best and latest techniques to coach and lead the same in others.