CSCC: Core-Self Certified Coach Program

If you know you want to become a certified coach, enrol in this 3-part program which covers CSC100: Introduction to Coaching, CSC200: Advanced Coaching Techniques, and CSC300: Mastery & Certification.

CSC100: Introduction to Coaching

Whether you are looking to start a career as a coach or simply learn the fundamental techniques and principals of coaching, Introduction to Coaching is your starting position.

In this course you will learn the skills and techniques of coaching and be trained on how to create a professional coaching relationship and to guide your clients or employees to success. Learn the essential science behind how to generate meaningful and lasting change, as well as gaining practical experience that will empower you to succeed in coaching.

CSC200: Advanced Coaching Techniques

Students who have completed the Introduction to Coaching 8-week class, will be invited to take on the Advanced Coaching Techniques program.

Armed with the essential skills of Core-Self coaching, you will now learn the advanced coaching techniques used by the worlds’ best coaches, applying them to a wide variety of coaching scenario’s with success. Learn how to accelerate awareness, insight and actions that lead to powerful personal or professional change.

CSC300: Mastery & Certification

For driven and successful coaches who have completed CSC100: Introduction to Coaching and CSC200: Advanced Coaching Techniques and who want to achieve mastery and international certification, this final part of the certification program will deliver a challenging and rigorous curriculum. Through a continuation of our unique learning system, intensive supervision sessions and development of your own thriving coaching practice, we will prepare you for success as an elite coach.

FT-CSCC: Fast-Track Core-Self Certified Coach Program

If you are a certified coach and you are looking to add the Core Self program to your list of certifications, The Fast-Track to Core-Self Certification program is for you! This program requires previous coaching certification, and will guide you through the CSC100: Introduction to Coaching, CSC200: Advanced Coaching Techniques and CSC300: Mastery & Certification. Get specific coaching supervision that will enable you to ascertain your coaching acumen and skill as well as your mastery of the training.