CSC100: Introduction to Coaching

Whether you are looking to start a career as a coach or simply learn the fundamental techniques and principals of coaching, Introduction to Coaching is your starting position.

In this course you will learn the skills and techniques of coaching and be trained on how to create a professional coaching relationship and to guide your clients or employees to success. Learn the essential science behind how to generate meaningful and lasting change, as well as gaining practical experience that will empower you to succeed in coaching.

How the Training Works

Our training program happens entirely online, where you interact in real-time with your instructor and fellow classmates. Our unique classroom experience leverages the best of online learning & virtual technology, so that you can engage with your classmates, using audio and video, saving the best of the live-class experience without the cost or burden of travelling to a distant physical classroom. From our weekly training classes and peer practice groups through to our unique live-coaching Fishbowl ™ you will start to experience and train as a coach immediately. Our comprehensive learning system allows you to become a coach and develop yourself simultaneously. Our library of coaching demonstrations, coaching reference materials and learning aids will empower you to deliver effective and successful coaching.

  • You will be required to receive weekly one-to-one coaching that will allow you to create the personal development and success that will challenge you to be your best.
  • You will engage in peer-based practice sessions outside of class
  • Learn from our Career-Building Workshop on the essential strategies to finding success in coaching, ranging from Ethical training, how to setup a coaching practice and more advanced discussions around Sales & Marketing tactics


  • Next Course DateEvery 6 Weeks
  • PriceUSD $2099
    CAD $2225
  • Length of Program8 weeks, 5.25hrs per week