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The essential secrets to start coaching today: Step 4

Active Listening:  

The best conversationalists are active listeners that listen intently, rather than focusing solely on their response.

It is imperative that we remember that the client, not the coach, determines what the coaching will focus on. This reinforces the idea that the client is in the drivers seat. The client should de dictating the area of focus not only within the realm of coaching – but in their life too.

You want to hear what the client really wants from the session, what their goals are, and you need to listen for what they value about that goal, especially if they aren’t telling you!

  • Remember that effective listening is about more than what the client is saying – it’s also about how they are saying it and what they aren’t saying.
  • Active listening because it’s “active” – it’s moving and alive. Encourage more dialogue and exploration.
  • Summarize what your client says, in a way that gives new meaning back to them
  • Encourage them to feel comfortable and at ease with where they are.

The focus of your active listening is not to gather information, but connect with your client, what they are feeling in the moment, and how important this is, relative to their goals.

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